HJ Hall

The Company

Have been manufacturing and selling socks from Leicestershire since 1882. With a huge collection, their socks come in a variety of styles, colours and ranges to suit each individual.

The Challenge

To design and deliver brochures in 2 formats, to showcase the range of socks they offer. Taking budget constraints into consideration, we had to create a solution for an alternative way to divide their ranges, without having to insert additional pages as tabbed dividers.

Our Solution

A complete redesign of the product brochure to achieve an upmarket and more modern feel.  Tabbed dividers were added to separate each product section which added to the contemporary feel together with vibrant product and lifestyle imagery.

The brochure was changed to an uncoated stock with a half-Canadian binding allowing the versatility of a wire-o bound brochure without the wire showing through the front cover.  A high quality user friendly catalogue with a bespoke look and feel.

The Results

The feedback from retailers was excellent and immediate.  The Sales and Marketing Director at H J Hall said they had their best sales month ever upon the launch of the new brochure and that it had exceeded expectations and given an excellent return on their investment.