Saffron Plastics Ltd

The Company

With over 25 years experience  in the supply of thermoplastic sheet material Saffron Plastics Ltd has become one of the UK's leading independent stockists servicing many different market sectors from model makers to globally recognised multinationals.


The Challenge

Their existing presentation comprised an A5 plastic box A new re-branding had recently taken place by Richprint and the second phase of this was to create a website which incorporated the new image but which was also practical, easy to navigate and gave technical help and support to the products.

Our Solution

To create and help host a completely  new site. The new branding was incorporated so that the website was instantly identifiable, the navigation made simple including drop downs for the product range with a separate tab for technical data sheets which could be both viewed and downloaded.  All technical data sheets were also re-designed to match the new branding.


The Results

A smart, easy website excellently designed but also very functional giving access to customers 24/7 for technical data and support.  The website now represents and reflects the expertise clients have become accustomed to from Saffron Plastics Ltd.

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